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About us


Our Awesome Story

The abode of Jayesh Sakariya, known as, JNS Designs is not only a plethora of fresh ideas, beautiful designs and promised happiness but also luxurious and modern. The firm excels in Architecture work, Interior Designing, Interior turkey project And Landscape Designing Of High-quality Finish And Detail That Are Sensitive To Context And Brief.

The Founder and Principal Designer, Mr. Jayesh Sakariya is a firm believer in the theme of the firm “Feel modern, luxurious and comfortable.” He is recognized as a wolf who manages his pack in a way that the work delivered to the client is crisp, neat and to the point, in firm making the client extremely elated.

Single-handedly establishing this enormous brand, Mr. Sakariya has had multiple projects worked upon, managed and delivered successfully to the clients. He has had his own downfalls and successes in this vast industry of creativity and design.

The designs created by Mr. Sakariya and team are a reflection of the client’s beliefs and spiritual well being. They indulge with the clients on a personal level to get to know these ideologies better and reflect them into their hollow spaces, in turn making them home.

It is reviewed by the clients that the team is extremely professional in their work and has up to date knowledge about the current trends and deliverables in the industry. They also added, JNS Designs provides quality work at the best of prices.

Working across disciplines of Building Planning, Interior Designing, Turnkey Interior Project And Landscape Designing, Mr. Sakariya has always been humble and kind towards every employee and has made his mark in the industry with this generous nature. He has had his sense of design polish and shine over the years making himself a strong, confident, more creative, forward thinking, adaptable and kind individual.


Our Skills

Speaking about Design, the one man army, Mr. Sakariya has graduated from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia and is a respected member of the following foundations: Engineers Australia (Ex- Member), IIID, ACCE, PBN. Him, as well his team are extremely well aware of the minutes and minors of this varied industry with their hands on the same for over a decade now.








Our Fantastic Team

Jayesh Sakariya

Principal Designer

Gaurav Kuvaradiya

Civil Draftsman

Hemali Soni

Senior Interior Designer

Pooja Patel

Bachelor in civil engineering and Interior Designer

Brinda Patel

Junior Interior Designer

Keya Jagirdar

Content writer

Mansi Patel

Interior Designer


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Electrical Staff


Graphic Designers